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Qognify Cayuga is a real success story: Thousands of customers worldwide rely on this powerful VMS platform to record, display and manage video data from millions of cameras. Cayuga has become a proven tool to support the operations and security strategies of many organizations to help them safeguard the world.

As of April 04th 2022, a new chapter in the history of Qognify Cayuga begins: It provides the technological basis for our new enterprise-class video management solution Qognify VMS. With this, Qognify expands the limits of traditional video surveillance and offers a number of additional options such as cloud support or attractive turnkey solutions. The change for Cayuga customers is simple and convenient: All functionalities remain the same. Cayuga customers with an active SMA can switch to Qognify VMS without additional license costs using the AutoUpdater – just like performing a usual version update.


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