Video management designed to meet true enterprise requirements

As one of the world's leading physical security solution providers, Qognify has been developing advanced video management solutions for over 20 years. Qognify VMS is the latest result of these development efforts, exceeding the traditional scope of using video technology to provide safety and security by supporting business operations and creating added value.

Qognify VMS is designed to meet the specific needs of enterprise organizations around the globe. It is based on field-proven technology elements, which are used by many customers in thousands of projects worldwide. Thanks to its open architecture, it enables advanced integrations with a wide variety of 3rd party systems to maximize the outcomes of your physical security ecosystem.

Qognify VMS Key Benefits

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    Open enterprise architecture

    In organizations that place a premium on physical security, video is typically embedded in an ecosystem of manifold solutions and technologies.

    Providing a set of open interfaces as well as powerful extension modules, Qognify VMS perfectly fits into your security ecosystem and meets the requirements of enterprise-class organizations.

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    Integrating video and business operations

    Video technology can do more than just record and display images - it can actively support your business operations.

    The Qognify VMS product range contains solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of various industries, making their processes more transparent and helping to reduce costs.

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    Low costs of ownership

    The design of a VMS has a significant impact on the total cost of physical security for an organization.

    With best-in-class recording components, Qognify VMS minimizes the hardware footprint. Advanced management and monitoring tools facilitate efficient operations and roll-outs, even for thousands of sites.




The Qognify Mobile Client turns a smartphone or tablet into a versatile security tool.



Learn more about our embedded video analytics for perimeter and building security.


Discover how to control and secure vehicle traffic with our automatic license plate recognition module.



Ask us about built-to-spec Qognify server hardware solutions for optimized operation of Qognify VMS.


Download the Export validation tool to validate that a video export from Qognify VMS has not been tampered with.



Qognify VMS supports thousands of devices from a large number of manufacturers.



Determine the capacity and sizing of the servers for your Qognify VMS project.



Discover Qognify VMS’s vast library of gateways for third party software integration..

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Connect Qognify VMS with Business Processes

Today most complex business processes are tracked with reams of data from various sources. But still many gaps remain, where there are no sensors, logs or visual information. With Business Video Intelligence (BVI) we are able to close these information gaps.

Manage Distributed Qognify VMS Systems

Umbrella enables the management of all connected Qognify VMS systems across multiple sites. It provides a consolidated view of all entities across all installations, highlighting those, which require attention. Furthermore, changes in configuration can be made centrally and be rolled out to several or all connected installations.

Move your video into the cloud

Qognify VMS allows you to store your video recordings in the cloud. No matter if you need to quickly expand your storage space or if your organization follows a strict „cloud first“ policy, Qognify Cloud provides the right type of solution for you.



Value-for-money VMS solution for small to medium-sized one-site installations. This package is only available in EMEA and APAC.

  • – Up to 50 cameras
  • – 1 server
  • – Live/archive mode
  • – Mobile Clients
  • – Maps


Scalable VMS solution for medium to large installations with limited integration requirements. This package is only available in the Americas.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras
  • – Unlimited number of clients
  • – Live/archive mode
  • – Mobile Clients
  • – Maps


Scalable and flexible VMS solution for medium to large installations with advanced integration requirements.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • – All Basic/Professional features
  • – Third-party or built-in video analytics (optional)
  • – Integration of access control systems (optional)
  • – LPR integration (optional)


Qognify VMS Infinity is a high-end enterprise-class VMS with built-in failover functionality for large installations covering multiple sites.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • – All Advanced features
  • – Recorder failover
  • – Active Directory support
  • – Monitor wall (Display Agent)
  • – Camera sharing
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    Case Study

    Cape May County

    Video surveillance – Futureproof

    With sites spread out across the County’s 267 square miles, the surveillance challenge how to manage a growing network of highly distributed surveillance cameras, that are required to be live 24/7, to help keep residents, workers, visitors, the government’s 1,200 members of staff and its infrastructure safe and secure. A…