Taking video-based security to the next level.

What is VMS+?

Enterprise VMS systems are designed to manage a huge number of cameras. They create a massive, continuous stream of video data and events – which can turn into a burden and overwhelm the operators in the control room. In case of an incident, they have to decide about immediate actions within minutes or even seconds – which is a real challenge given the volume of information that is spread across on multiple security systems. Some organizations try to resolve this dilemma by installing a PSIM system, but in many cases, they only use a fraction of its capabilities – and therefore overspend on their physical security systems.

VMS+ takes a different approach. It is tailored to the physical security needs of enterprise organizations and designed to support operators in the control room in the best possible way. Being a professional video management solution at its core, it is augmented by powerful integrations, enhanced situational awareness capabilities and a workflow component to significantly accelerate the incident response process. Thus, VMS+ solutions enable you to minimize the impact of incidents and to comply with regulations – in a budget-friendly way.

VMS+ Key Benefits


Faster Response

A VMS+ system provides you with the necessary tools to significantly improve your incident response.

Improved Compliance

VMS+ makes it easier for you to comply with internal and external regulations – to avoid penalties and legal action.

Reduced Costs & Complexity

VMS+ allows you to keep your security ecosystem lean – with a focus on what you really need to minimize risks.



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VMS+ Key Elements


Enterprise-class Video Capabilities

Video is at the center of a VMS+. It is therefore important that video data is transmitted and stored in a reliable, secure and fail-safe way.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

A VMS+ interacts with other security systems, presenting event and status information in a clear and actionable way.

Incident Response Management

Based on pre-definable workflows, a VMS+ actively guides the operator through the process of responding to an incident.