Perimeter Protection Solution

A perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) for any environment

Your perimeter is often the first line of defense in keeping intruders out. In environments such as airports, seaports and railways – where the perimeter can extend for miles – it can be a security weak point. Physical fences aren’t always an option and they’re not always effective. Today’s technology allows your organization to protect its perimeter no matter where it is or the distance it spans.

Comprehensive perimeter protection system

Qognify’s perimeter protection solution is multilayered, giving you early warnings of potential breaches through our video analytics PIDS technology. However, identifying that your perimeter has been breached is only a first step. You need a responsive solution that contains the breach as fast as possible. Integrating PIDS with your existing third-party sensors and Situator, our Situation Management solution allows you to address the complete security cycle.

  • Early detection – you’ll know if an intruder is approaching even before they reach your perimeter
  • Easy verification – through the power of intelligent video surveillance, you’ll be able to verify alerts and respond accordingly
  • Continuous tracking – via automated PTZ cameras, you’ll be able to continuously track an intruder’s movements along your perimeter and within your environment

Tailored for your environment

Qognify PIDS was designed for flexibility. It works with or without a physical fence, or it can be part of a smart fence configuration. No matter what your preferred configuration, we’ll enhance your perimeter protection and security. An airport, for example, may have several perimeter layers that require optimization. Taxiways and runways form one of those layers and are extremely important to protect. Combining our perimeter intrusion detection system and situation management solution, we recently developed a tailor-made perimeter protection system solution for Miami International Airport that specifically addresses this need.

“The runway-incursion detection allows us to detect anything that’s not supposed to be on a taxiway or runway.”

Ray Davalos, Building Systems Manager, Miami International Airport

Accuracy first

Perimeters are generally outdoors. That means harsh weather conditions can affect detection accuracy and cause false alarms. Qognify addresses perimeter protection accuracy with a variety of automated tools that adjust cameras for quality video and filter out the effects of weather conditions that may trigger false alerts, assuring you get the accuracy you need.

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