Situational Awareness Solutions

Improve your emergency response with enhanced situational awareness system

Today’s command and control centers monitor thousands of sensor feeds and systems, creating so much competing noise, critical details are often missed. The capability to understand when multiple alarms or incidents are actually stemming from the same real-world event, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By bringing all your systems and sensors together, Qognify’s PSIM software, Situator, analyzes and correlates structured and unstructured data by time, space, and severity, providing situational awareness and the ability to effectively manage the situation.

The heart of situational awareness


In order for your operators to gain complete situational awareness of an incident, they need to know what’s happening and where. Effective situational awareness solutions connect the dots between disparate systems and seemingly unrelated events to form a common operating picture, assuring a more effective response. Take for example an integration with external real-time information sources such as warning centers, weather alerts and news channels that increase overall awareness to potential developments and risks.

Effective Display

Collecting information is the first step towards full awareness. The second one is displaying it to the right person at the right time, in an effective manner. Integration with mobile display applications allow your field operators to follow the situation and collaborate in real-time from their own devices.

  • GIS powered display – when integrated with Situator, you’ll have real-time situational awareness and response management by overlaying incidents, assets and response teams on a map-based interface, enabling operators to quickly pinpoint the incident’s exact location.
  • Mobile PSIM applications – allow you to extend situational awareness solutions to the field by leveraging information from sensors and systems as well as processes and analysis, making it available everywhere.

By providing complete situational awareness, integrations like those mentioned above ensure business continuity and help field personnel respond quickly with contingency plans – minimizing disruptions to operations and increasing effectiveness.

Situational awareness beyond emergency response

Large organizations have broad needs beyond security that require a situational awareness platform for effective situation management. For example, being aware of your equipment’s readiness and availability. By integrating Situator with pressure gauges or fire alert sensors your operations personnel can receive automatic alerts when a failure occurs, assuring your maintenance program runs effectively. Whatever the requirements, Qognify’s Situator can expand your operators’ situational awareness to address routine and emergency situations in your security, safety and operations practices.

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