security solution for educational facilities

Security Solution for Educational Facilities

Ensuring a safe, secure learning environment

Parents send their kids off to college with the expectation of a safe and secure environment. It’s an important criterion when selecting the right campus – as it should be. This is why schools have heavily invested in various security technologies. Qognify understands this and the unique needs of campus life.

Creating a single, unified security platform

Campuses today have an array of security systems and sensors: video surveillance, access control, video management systems, fire and intrusion detection, and more. In most cases, all of these systems are separate and function in silos. This leaves campus security officers with the burden of managing all of them and making sense out of the huge amount of data they produce. The Qognify Security Solution for educational facilities integrates all of your systems to create a single, unified platform:

  • Complete Situational Awareness – by integrating your various systems, Qognify gives you a complete, accurate view of unfolding events
  • Effective response – with pre-defined response guidance, security operators are able to take the most effective course of action for speedy resolution
  • Maintaining privacy – through advanced access rights, you’ll be able to protect student and staff privacy

Advanced access rights

While the Qognify Security Solution for educational facilities centralizes your operations, you’ll also be able to decentralize aspects of it for operational ease. This is especially important in the case of access rights to information and video recordings, for which uncontrolled access could infringe on personal privacy. This means that only those with a clear mandate will be able to listen to and view sensitive material.

Experience you can count on

Some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations and locations – airports, mass transit hubs, city centers, the Olympics and Superbowl 2014 – rely on Qognify.

“We brought in two or three other vendors, and one of the things I thought was interesting was that one vendor in particular kept comparing themselves to NICE, saying that they were going to get to where NICE was…and I’m thinking, ‘Well, I think I should be talking to NICE.'”

Bob Hartland, Associate Vice President for IT Infrastructure, Baylor University

Complete incident information management

Communication and information is extremely important.How you manage it is equally important. Qognify solutions capture, record, synchronize and manage all of the information and actions taken related to a designated event. It is used to rapidly investigate incidents, document and provide evidence, and mitigate the risk of liability. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight to improve security operations and establish best practices.

“More people have admitted to their involvement in illegal activities. NiceVision has really helped the overall security of the campus.”

Brent Howell, Investigator, Baylor University Police Department

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