security solutions for airports

Security Solution for Airports

Accelerating the speed and accuracy of incident handling

Today’s airport is more like a mini-city than a transportation hub. It’s a complex environment made even more so by size, traffic, security needs and operational considerations. The risk in any incident is directly related to the speed at which it can be identified, understood, handled and resolved. The Qognify security solution for airports addresses the entire incident lifecycle for fast and effective situational awareness, security management and continuous improvement.

Identify. Understand. Manage.

Our airport solution integrates all of your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems, and external data sources, together with your specific operating procedures, into a single unified platform. This not only creates a common operating picture (COP), but also gives you the ability to anticipate what might come next. It gives you a better understanding of what is happening and provides compliant, effective guidance on how to handle each incident

Unmatched industry experience

The Qognify Security Solution is implemented at many of the world’s largest and busiest airports. Its performance is well-documented and industry recognized. Working closely with airports around the world has given us deep familiarity with their needs and requirements and allowed us to continuously innovate and create industry leading solutions.

    • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – manages security and operations, extending out of the control room and into the field with enabled mobile devices; making operations and collaboration more efficient
  • Ronald Reagan National Airport – successfully disputed a claim for damages with recorded and retrieved video, saving $1M
  • Miami International Airport – Qognify’s runway incursion detection solution minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry on the taxiways and runways

Minimize costly delays and shutdowns

The faster you can respond to and resolve an incident, the lower its cost will be. From the perimeter, along the taxiway and airfield, through exit lanes, and all over the terminal, Qognify airport solution is monitoring and analyzing data and activity 24/7. With early control-room awareness, improved collaboration and effective handling guidance, incidents are resolved much faster.

Video analytics for airports

At an airport, time is always of the essence. Our unique video analytics applications identify all sorts of potential issues. Intrusions at the perimeter are identified by PIDS; Crowd Management alerts personnel to crowd formations; Counter Flow Detection checks that everyone is moving in the right direction in exit lanes; Suspect Search finds and tracks individuals in minutes. In all these cases, Qognify video analytics allow you to take action fast and resolve incidents quickly.

“The Qognify-AECOM solution is allowing us to transform the way we manage safety, security, and operations at LAX. Based on our ongoing success with NICE Situator we sought a way to apply these capabilities to our field operations. Now, not only are we able to maximize the use of our existing PSIM, situation management, and GIS technologies, we are strengthening our entire security and operations apparatus.”

Dominic Nessi, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Information Officer at Los Angeles World Airports

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