Ready for the cloud – with Qognify solutions

In recent years, cloud technology has experienced unprecedented growth, thus becoming the new standard for business software applications. There are many reasons for this: In addition to obvious benefits such as the reduced administration efforts, lower costs and increased flexibility, the wide availability of affordable and secure broadband connections also played a decisive role. The scope of cloud technology has long since expanded beyond traditional business software: Today, many enterprise organizations are even considering moving security-critical systems such as video surveillance to the cloud as this technology brings a number of clear advantages for these systems, too.

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    Built-in Resilience

    In a cloud-based environment, you don’t have to worry about data backups or downtimes. Thanks to the built-in resilience of cloud technology, the risk of losing data is minimized while the operational uptime is maximized.

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    Maximum Flexibility

    Cloud-based systems can be scaled and adapted to new security and business requirements in almost no time. The process of purchasing and deploying additional hardware is eliminated – and you are ready to go in minutes.

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    Reduced Investments

    Designed as a subscription model, cloud solutions significantly reduce the upfront investment to a bare minimum by turning capital into operational expenditure – to better meet your budget requirements.

VMS in the Cloud

Learn more about how to leverage cloud technologies with Qognify VMS.


EIM in the Cloud

Learn more about the benefits of running your Qognify Situator system in the cloud.


Qognify VMS in the Cloud

Cloud-based VMS solutions are no longer limited to small and medium-sized environments – as many enterprise organizations are placing cloud technology at the heart of their IT strategy, this often sets the direction for physical security systems, too. With Qognify VMS, you can already store your video recordings in the cloud today – regardless of whether your company already follows a strict „cloud first“ approach or you simply need to quickly scale your recording capacities. We are also developing advanced solutions that enable a full operation of Qognify VMS in the cloud – to reduce the on-premise hardware footprint and to maximize the flexibility of your system.

Qognify Situator in the Cloud

Qognify’s advanced Enterprise Incident Management Solution Situator is available as a cloud-based solution. It is built on proven AWS technology and comes as a pay-per-use subscription model. Qognify Situator in the Cloud provides advanced monitoring and management tools like NOC (network operations center) and SOC (security operations center) to make sure that Situator is protected against cyber attacks and delivers the full performance at any time. Another important benefit: The system is always up to date – with all relevant patches and updates. The result: a fully cloud-based enterprise-class EIM solution that is easy to deploy, easy to scale and easy to manage.