Combining True Enterprise-Class Video Management with Advanced Cloud Capabilities and Flexible Deployment Options

PEARL RIVER, N.Y., April 4, 2022 – Qognify, leading provider of video and enterprise incident management solutions, today launched its new video management software Qognify VMS. Qognify VMS is designed to meet the specific physical security needs of organizations around the globe. It is based on the proven technology of Qognify’s successful video management software Cayuga, which is used by many customers in thousands of security projects worldwide. As a true next-generation VMS, Qognify VMS combines the powerful core of an enterprise-class VMS with unique added values such as low total costs of ownership, business process support, advanced ecosystem integrations and cloud readiness.

One of the key requirements of modern video surveillance systems are flexible deployment options. While many organizations still rely on keeping sensitive data and systems on premise, others are moving towards a corporate “Cloud First” strategy, which also includes physical security applications. For this reason, Qognify VMS offers the possibility to store video data in the cloud. This enables customers to keep the hardware footprint small, scale storage space quickly, and benefit from the advanced resiliency of cloud technology.

Steve Shine, CEO of Qognify, explains the company’s cloud strategy: “While cloud-based physical security solutions have been on the rise in small and medium businesses for some time, the adoption rate in enterprise organizations was slower due to more complex system environments and demanding infrastructure requirements. However, rapidly evolving technologies and increasing network bandwidths are beginning to leverage the usage of cloud in this segment. This is why we are now launching Qognify VMS with advanced cloud storage capabilities. At the same time, we are working on further solutions that enable customers to benefit even more from the advantages of cloud technology in the near future.“

On the other hand, to make on-premise deployments as easy as possible for partners and customers, a wide range of turnkey hardware solutions is available for Qognify VMS. The built-to-spec devices minimize the risks in planning, ensure optimal performance, accelerate rollouts and allow for one-stop sourcing. All units come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty to protect the investment for years to come.

Qognify VMS helps organizations maximize the outcomes of their physical security strategies. One of the key elements to achieve this are its powerful, bi-directional integrations with many other solutions such as access control, intrusion detection and video analytics. But according to Steve Shine, this is only the first step for Qognify VMS to leverage the potential of a physical security ecosystem: „Our goal is to further increase the value for our customers by bringing our physical security and enterprise incident management applications even closer together – for an improved situational understanding and an even faster and more targeted response.“

Qognify VMS comes in three product packages that reflect the typical requirements of different project profiles – from a cost-effective yet powerful VMS package to a comprehensive high-end solution designed to meet advanced enterprise requirements. More information about the product packages can be found here.

Qognify VMS is available as of today. Qognify Cayuga Customers are entitled to upgrade to Qognify VMS at no extra cost if they hold an active SMA.