The Recorder Migration Tool, introduced in Ocularis v5.2, allows quick import of Ocularis legacy recorder configuration for easy migration to new Ocularis Recorders.

Instantly investigate during live monitoring and change cameras, copy camera images and send a peer-to-peer video alert, all while keeping an eye on the entire camera array.

The Keyword Quick View Tool, introduced in Ocularis 5.2, enables immediate monitoring of a set of cameras for quick situational assessment, simply by typing a keyword assigned to a group of cameras that share the same characteristic.

Now it’s possible to play only segments of alert-based recorded video in Ocularis Client, while skipping over periods of continually-recorded video or periods where no video was recorded.

The Ocularis/Inex-Tech Automatic License Plate Recognition integration provides alerts for blacklisted vehicles, recognition of vehicle moving patterns, license plate search options, and forensic analysis data.

The Camera Replacement Tool, introduced in Ocularis v5.2, helps users migrate their Ocularis system from legacy to new Ocularis Recorders by easily replacing (mapping) cameras in Ocularis Maps and Views using drag-and-drop.

This new feature informs Ocularis Client operators when a change has been made in a relevant Recorder or Base. The feature can also be configured to auto-restart the Client upon such changes.

Ocularis 5.6 adds various features to Ocularis Client including batch operations in the device finder, automatic creation of new camera streams for newly-configured cameras and many others.

Part one of this three-video series covers the process of licensing Ocularis version 5 recorders.

Ocularis provides the capabilities to manage and control local unified video client for all versions of Ocularis.