The deep integration between Ocularis and Briefcam, makes Ocularis one of only a few VMS platforms to deliver the highest level of integration (level 4) with Briefcam’s market-leading analytics platform.

As part of the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance program, Ocularis joins other Qognify solutions in a unique single pane of glass integration with Lenel OnGuard.

Ocularis Client 6.1 SP1 now supports exporting unlimited cameras in database format at the same time.

Ocularis Client version 6.1 supports adding custom text and image overlays for AVI exports.

Configuring single sign-on allows for a secure and easy integration between Ocularis 6.1 and BriefCam.

Learn how to use Ocularis Video Protection Mode to protect your sensitive video from getting shared with unauthorized parties.

The Ocularis/Inex-Tech Automatic License Plate Recognition integration provides alerts for blacklisted vehicles, recognition of vehicle moving patterns, license plate search options, and forensic analysis data.

Ocularis 5.6 adds various features to Ocularis Client including batch operations in the device finder, automatic creation of new camera streams for newly-configured cameras and many others.

Learn how to set Ocularis Client to maximize a window when a pre-configured event occurs.

Use on-the-fly Views when you need to mix and match cameras from separate Views or when you need a temporary subset of the cameras in the existing View.