What makes VisionHub a Strong Video Management System?

Extreme PerformanceExtreme Performance

High Performance even in the most distressing situations. All of VisionHub’s turnkey server and software performance is tested and guaranteed under the worst case condition (RAID rebuild) with no loss of video frames, while performing live viewing and playback from the recorder. All turnkey servers are pre-installed and factory tested.

Cyber Security ProtectedCyber Security Protected

VisionHub applies industry standard cyber security best practice to protect the video recording, and protect the database and the application from being accessed and/or manipulated.

  • • Authentication & encryption (AES256) using certificates
  • • Connectivity with cameras and web viewer through https
  • • Encrypted playback streams (live optional)
  • • Recorded video files are saved using a proprietary file format and not the standard windows format
  • • Exported video file are encrypted

System monitoring & health checkSystem monitoring & health check

Comprehensive monitoring of each component (recorder / application server / SQL / web server) independently, using standard SNMP. Supports network topology view and geographic (geo-maps) view with dashboard view of all system health statuses

High AvailabilityHigh Availability

For mission-critical applications, reliability is essential. VisionHub’s Zero-Point-of-Failure mechanism automatically switches over to back-up units in the event of any system component failure. VisionHub is a true Zero-Point-of-Failure solution, with redundancy options for video recorders and middle tier.

Recorder redundancy suite Recorder redundancy suite

Recorder redundancy suite

N+1 – A cluster of up to 15 recorders with one warm standby (active – passive redundancy). Configuration is on a server level


Dual recording – primary and secondary recorders (active – active redundancy) defined on a channel level with a flexible configuration of the redundant channel (video quality and retention)

Dual recording

2nd tier recording 2nd tier recording

2nd tier recording

SVR to SVR – Allowing one SVR to record channels already recoded on another SVR. Suitable for distributed sites with limited connectivity when the cameras do not have local storage capability


CSS (Centralize Storage Solution) – The CSS is designed to serve as a central repository for multiple VisionHub SVRs for long term event storage, supporting both automatic immediate video transfer and scheduled transfer mode

CSS (Centralize Storage Solution)

Management server High Availability (HA) architecture Management server High Availability (HA) architecture

Management server High Availability (HA) architecture

VisionHub local middle tier redundancy is implemented via the VMware HA solution. VMware HA provides high availability for virtual machines by pooling them and the hosts they reside on into a cluster


Edge storage catch up Edge storage catch up

Edge storage catch up

Catching up missing video on SVR by downloading from the edge-device local storage in case of disconnect (network, recorder failover) or per defined schedule to reduce network load in busy hours

edge storage