What makes VisionHub a smart Video Management System?

Video made smarter with advanced value added services

video analytics video analytics

Video Analytics – Embedded in the NVR software which is camera agnostic supporting Intrusion Detection, Suspect Search and Crowd Management

video analytics
suspect search suspect search

Suspect Search – A patented video analytics technology that efficiently helps locate and track a specific person when time is of the essence

suspect search suspect search
Camera Tampering Camera Tampering

Camera Tampering – Alerts when video image integrity is compromised. Camera Tampering alerts on:

  • Camera redirection
  • Scene too darkbright
  • Covered camera
  • Out of focus camera
Camera Tampering
Visual Parameters Optimizer Visual Parameters Optimizer

Visual Parameters Optimizer (VPO – Patent Technology!) – VisionHub unique state-of-the-art Visual Parameter Optimizer (VPO) automatically enhances video quality in an iterative process (every 2 seconds)

Visual Parameters Optimizer Visual Parameters Optimizer

Video made smarter with smart network utilization

A set of features and capabilities that improve network utilization and optimize
the way video is used under network stress conditions

Recorder throttling

Recorder throttling – capping the recording outgoing traffic to avoid network overloading

Multicast support

Multicast support for both recording and view


SVR to SVR – allowing one SVR to record channels already recoded on another SVR. Suitable for distributed sites with limited connectivity and no camera local storage capabilities do not have local storage capability

Direct streaming

Direct streaming from camera to client

Level of Service

Level of Service (LoS) – selecting most optimal stream to display aligned with the client’s workstation resources