Qblock – NAS Video Management Storage

Centralized, Converged VMS Storage

Every second, your VMS is capturing and creating more and more data. All this data needs to be stored efficiently and cost-effectively. And given the sensitive nature of some of this data, reliability is key. Moreover, your surveillance data storage needs are only going to increase, so seamless scalability and extreme capacity are a must.

Qognify and Dell EMC have partnered to deliver an enterprise class, converged VMS and NAS (Network Attached Storage) turnkey solution specially designed for the security market: Qblock.

powered by Qognify & Dell

Combining Qognify’s VisionHub video management software with the compute and storage capabilities of Dell PowerEdge servers and EMC Isilon storage arrays, Qblock is a complete, pre-integrated and validated video surveillance storage solution.

Best-of-Breed NAS Solution

Qblock NAS solution


Combining best-of-breed technologies, Qblock uniquely meets the video surveillance storage needs of enterprise security.

simple nas solution


as a prepackaged, turnkey solution with guaranteed quality and efficiency that has undergone rigorous testing and validation, deployment and management is smooth and seamless.
SUPPORTED nas solution


with a single point of contact for all support needs, your organization will be able to efficiently and easily get the support you need.
Reliable nas solution


Qblock is the most reliable turnkey, enterprise-class NAS solution available on the market. It’s centralized management and reduced deployment risk and low-impact expansions help ensure that operations are improved but aren’t disrupted. High security standards, rigorous testing, optimization and validation gives you the confidence of knowing you’ll have zero data loss.
scalable nas solution


Qblock allows you to scale as needed without disrupting your organization. With up to 40PB of storage capacity, and the ability to handle 1000’s of cameras, you’ll be able to get strategic about storage as you ensure capacity for the future.