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to take your physical security to the next level – at no extra cost.

Preparing you for the future of physical security

The world of physical security is changing. Installation sizes are growing, ecosystems are getting more and more complex. The role of video within the physical security strategy is changing, too. While in the past video technology was mainly used to investigate events with hindsight, it is now increasingly taking an active role in responding to incidents in real time. At the same time, the level of regulations and standards continues to increase across many industries.

Take the next step and migrate your existing NiceVision system to VisionHub in order to be ready for the future. If you have an active SMA, you can do so without any additional license costs – you can transfer your full existing NiceVision license volume to VisionHub. As a modern VMS+, VisionHub offers you numerous possibilities to take your physical security strategy to the next level.

Good Reasons to Move to VisionHub

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    Future-Proof Solution

    VisionHub paves your way into the future: With an advanced feature set that is continuously being extended and a system architecture that is designed to withstand the test of time.
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    Advanced Functionality

    VisionHub provides the necessary holistic approach to make sure that customers take the maximum benefit from their video security solution. It includes advanced situational awareness and a build-in incident management component supporting customized workflows.
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    Smooth Migration

    Replacing a VMS can be a tedious process. Very often, all configuration has to be done from scratch. Migrating from NiceVision to VisionHub is much easier: Existing recording servers are compatible, so they can stay untouched. For the management layer, there is a well-documented migration path.
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    No Extra Cost

    For customers with an existing NiceVision installation and a valid maintenance agreement (SMA), VisionHub licenses come at no extra costs. For customers without a valid maintenance agreement, there is a special program with attractive conditions to get current.

Get ready for the future now!

Our team is happy to analyze your existing system environment and to develop a bespoke migration strategy with you.

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