Partner Certifications:  Our partner program allows you to compete in the market as an installer or integrator successfully. At the same time, it ensures a constant quality level of Qognify installations for end customers.

An essential part of our partner program is our training and certification offerings, which ensure that our partners are always up to date when installing and servicing Ocularis systems.

Our partners must maintain minimum certificated technicians.  This certification is valid for 24 months and may be renewed by attending the Recertification for Ocularis System Administrators course.

Partner Outcomes:  Upon completing this training, students will be familiar with Ocularis and its components, features, and functionality.

Participants will be able to:

  • Review and Understand the Role of an Ocularis Administrator
  • Perform Base, Recorder, and Media Server installations
  • Add and Configure Cameras
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting for the Ocularis System
  • Apply Best Practice Recommendations

Students should be versed in the following:

  • IP Addressing
  • Remote Desktop Program (RDP)
  • Basic Networking (how to change IP address, Firewall, Windows Services, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Windows Server Operating Systems (OS)
  • Experience with IP Camera Usage
  • Experience with IP Video Basics (compression, resolution, frame rate, etc.)


    • Please choose the date when you want to participate, register and we will provide you with a quote.
    • Your registration becomes only binding after we received payment or you received an order confirmation from us.