The holistic solution to meet the incredibly demanding requirements of airports in regards of regulations, security, safety, communications and incident management.

The superior software solution for public transport companies to make their infrastructure more safe and secure, to optimize their operating and emergency procedures and to save costs.

In addition to solutions for well-known challenges, like the prevention of theft, fraud and violence, our integrated concepts provide new possibilities for the optimization of processes or to enhance the shopping experience.

Qognify solutions for the logistics industry help you to visualize the route a shipment has taken and thus to easily clarify cases of loss or damage.

Intelligently safeguard critical infrastructure sites against potential threats and improve your operational efficiency while keeping your assets and people safe.

The Qognify solution understands the unique requirements of school and campus life and offers a unified and integrated security platform for institutions in K-12 and higher education.

Guarantee the safety and security of your customers and employees and protect your business operations – with advanced video and incident management solutions.