Situator Mobile App

Extending Situation Management to the Field

Effective collaboration between the control room and the field is a day-to-day challenge. Field operators do not have the same. resources to understand what is happening, where it’s happening and what needs to be done next as those in the control room. Until now.Situator Mobile is an add-on application to Qognify’s Situation Management solution- Situator. It extends situation awareness and management to the field for timely and effective response. The application also enables data from the field to be received and processed in a fast and effective manner.

Field Incident Management

Situator Mobile app presents a list of incidents and procedures associated with the operator, their location on the map and the tasks required to perform. The application is designed to provide an intuitive, fast response to various event types in alignment with the control room. The incidents can be categorized by type, assigned a priority level and a set of predefined rules, tasks and workflows for effective incidentmanagement and simple distribution to the right person for handling.

Situational Awareness via Geo Visualisation

Visualizing the situation is a critical part of effective situational awareness and situation management. Situator mobile application utilizes maps to enable mobile personnel in the field to see what is happening and more importantly, where. The application also enables the use of maps to annotate and add markings to identify locations of interest and specific attention requiring elements.

Empowering Your Field Operations

Access to data and sharing information are critical to achieve effectiveness and have a huge impact of response times. The Situator Mobile app empowers field operators with similar information as their counterparts in the control room. It also enables bi-directional communication between the field and the control room, sending images from any event scene and reporting what is happening in real time.

Better Collaboration

Having the ability to see who handles each task, which incidents are still unassigned, and which are closed is critical to streamline operations. Situator Mobile app supports fluent communication between stakeholders to increase and improve collaboration. Operators can exchange vital information in real time using comments to incidents and tasks which appear on everyone’s devices.

Key Features and highlights:

Mobility powered situational awareness and management – unlimited by location

Improved response – by leveraging bi-directional location-based information

Enhanced communication and collaboration – between all stakeholders, in and out of the control room

Ensured connectivity and continuity – via smart offline support, enabling the continuation of work even while network coverage is limited