Utilizing your existing access control system

Access Control Insights (ACI) analyzes and structures your Access Control System (ACS) data to provide operational insights, detect abnormal behavior and identify critical events.
By employing machine learning data analytics, we detect unusual card holder activity that may be indicative of fraud, theft and other risks and alert to it.
In addition Qognify’s smart business logic identifies critical events for enunciation and escalation to ensure timely response when it truly matters. All is provided without changing the existing Access Control system and processes, ensuring investment protection and easy adoption.

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What does ACI contain?

Data and behavior analytics

Fraud and internal threat prevention

Identifying access control card fraud, often an indicator of more malicious behavior is difficult to detect as it involves seemingly standard daily activities.
Access Control Insights solves this by combing ACS data for anomalous behavior, such as card usage at irregular times, unusual places, lost/stolen attempts and many others.

access control data collection and monitoring data analytics and machine learning processing card holder anomaly detection real time access control alerts management dashboards
data analytics and machine learning processing
Smart prioritization for door inspections

Smart prioritization for door inspections

The ACI optimizes physical door inspections (maintenance) through prioritization based on data like actual door activity, location and sensitivity. This ensures that highest impact is achieved with given resources.

Intelligent Enunciation and Compliance

Alarm Response Management

ACI combs data from your ACS, enunciating critical alarms, presenting operators with a clear countdown required for their response and ensuring that responses are compliant. Recording these responses, including who took which actions and when they were taken, can be used for reviews and audits.

Alarm Response Management access control alarms recieved critical alarm response countdown timer launched escalations initiated as countdown approaches threshold event information is collected for periodic tables
Alarm Response Management
Advanced Reporting. Ensured Compliance.

Advanced Reporting. Ensured Compliance.

Dashboards visualize important information and insights about a range of subjects including sensitive access points, incident resolution times, and incident locations. By providing managers with a clear view of their organization improving ACS processes and identifying bottlenecks becomes possible.

Solution Example: A large airport, north America

A category X airport sought to eliminate mounting TSA fines stemming from lapsed time response to critical alarms. The airport’s security operation had trouble distinguishing time-restricted access control events from other events, making it difficult to ensure a compliant response. By adding a layer of advanced business logic – Access Control Insights – the airport can distinguish critical events and respond accordingly. The airport has reduced non-compliant events and accumulating fines by improving response and having a record of compliance as actions are collected.

Outcomes and benefits

Risk awareness: identifying unusual and potentially fraudulent card activity

Enunciation of critical alarms and applying smart escalation rules to ensure compliance and prevent fines

Minimized training and adoption time by leveraging existing ACS software and alarm processes

Optimized door inspections through smart prioritization

Improved organizational performance using executive dashboards to monitor KPIs

Short time to value, through a predesigned and preconfigured solution

Scalable to any volume & scope

A client-less solution! Extending the value of your access control