Qognify is proud to be a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2019. This prestigious annual award scheme recognizes and rewards innovative thinking in the security technology sector, which delivers real benefits to installers, integrators and end users. The company has been commended for its Access Control Insights (ACI) packaged solution that sits within Qognify’s leading enterprise incident management platform – Situator.
Launched in 2018, ACI analyzes and structures access control system data to provide operational insights, detect abnormal behavior and identify critical events. By employing machine learning data analytics, it detects unusual card holder activity that may be indicative of fraud, theft and other risks and alert to it. In addition, Qognify’s smart business logic identifies critical events for enunciation and escalation to ensure timely response when it truly matters.
Crucially, all of this is possible without changing the existing access control system and processes, ensuring investment protection and easy adoption. What’s more, it is proven to deliver a powerful return on investment as a large airport in North America has discovered.
The airport approached Qognify to help address the issue of mounting and substantial fines from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) resulting from lapsed time response to critical alarms. The airport’s security operation had trouble distinguishing time-restricted access control events from other events, making it difficult to ensure a compliant response. Since introducing ACI the airport has been able to reduce non-compliant events and accumulating fines by improving responses and having a record of compliance as actions are collected.
The acknowledgement from the Benchmark Innovation Awards perfectly coincides with an announcement made by Qognify in April, in which the company explained how Qognify customers and partners around the world are reaping the rewards of its expanded resources, research & development and services, with CEO, Steve Shine, stating: “Our customers place a premium on their physical security strategy, either because of the complexity of their needs, or the specifics of the industries in which they operate. Therefore, our focus is to deliver the solutions they need to achieve their required outcomes.”
The winners of the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2019 will be announced later this year.