Public Transport Security and Operations Solution

Public Transport Security and Operations Solution

Early identification and intervention

Lots of people, property and open space make the protection and smooth operation of public transportation quite challenging. Add in the importance of timing and you get a new level of complexity. Making sure your passengers get to where they need to be isn’t just a service; it’s a necessity for the viability of any urban area.

Smooth, secure operations

Qognify helps secure your entire public transportation infrastructure using an integrated portfolio that addresses all its stationary and moving parts. In addition, non-intrusive IP video surveillance means that operations aren’t delayed by security procedures and any location, including rolling stock, can be covered.

Proven track record

There is no substitute for real experience and a proven track record. Qognify’s public transport security solution is deployed by some of the world’s largest and busiest mass transit organizations.

  • Improved response times – a large EU rail infrastructure manager reduced incident intake times from 15 minutes down to four
  • Increased control room productivity – Aeroexpress reports that operator productivity has doubled
  • Lower operating costs – Transnet of South Africa reduced security-related operating costs by 30% thanks to control room consolidation and improved operator efficiency
  • Reduced crime – Denver RTD experienced a 60% reduction in crime during the first year of solution deployment, with further improvement every year thereafter

Increase ridership

Research and surveys confirm that safety and security is a key factor influencing the use of public transportation. For example, over the same time period that Denver RTD experienced a 60% decrease in crime, their ridership increased by 11%. The link is clear. We’ll help you improve security and operations – and your passengers will appreciate it.

“We have far more insight in to what is going on throughout the station complex. We can now investigate areas where people have fallen, or places where people are asking for directions, which may indicate a need for better signage. This is an important consideration as we are measured on public perception.”

Brendan O’Keefe, Project Manager at Network Rail, United Kingdom

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