security solutions for gaming

Security Solution for Gaming

Improving security and business operations

Casinos are enticing environments for criminal behavior. To ensure that visitors feel safe, and to deter disruptive and unlawful behavior, the gaming industry places a premium on security. Continuous monitoring of the entire gaming floor is a necessity for reasons that go beyond safety and security; it serves as a deterrent to both employees and visitors.

24x7x365 continuous monitoring

Most casinos stay open around the clock, every day of the year, with massive amounts of cash being moved around and exchanged. That means failsafe proactive monitoring is vital. The Qognify security solution for gaming gives casinos 24x7x365 monitoring that identifies and verifies unfolding incidents and helps security operators quickly resolve them.

Uninterrupted service

Real theft prevention requires 100% system availability. Qognify’s field-proven products deliver an unprecedented level of resilience at all system levels. This prevents costly interruptions and ensures reliable video monitoring.

Complete incident management

When an incident occurs, you need to how it happened and why. The Qognify solution captures the full spectrum of multimedia information. It gives you a chronological visual and audio history of what happened, when and where. This not only helps the investigation process, but can also limit liability, identify security gaps, and shape best practices.

Proven track record

There is no substitute for real experience and a proven track record. The Qognify security solution for casinos is deployed at some of the world’s largest and busiest casinos.

“Qognify has become a true partner in the development of this integrated system for the Foxwoods security department. In this very challenging environment, they provided us with an exceptional enterprise solution. We had full access to their talented staff, including sales, engineering, research and development, customer support and management. Working with our integrator, ACP Engineering, it was a true team effort with a successful outcome.”

Russ Adams, Director of Security, Foxwoods Casino.

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