security solution for correctional facilities

Security Solution for Correctional Facilities

Gain enhanced situational awareness and management

It’s hard to imagine a location that is more security sensitive than a correctional facility. The need to keep people in and out is just the beginning. Controlling what goes on in a prison is just as important and perhaps even more challenging. Qognify addresses security from beyond the perimeter, and down to each and every inmate.

Know what’s happening, when and where

The Qognify Security Solution for correctional facilities provides complete protection. It helps you and your security team manage incidents, track inmates, and prevent violence and illegal activities. With an integrated command and control center that includes multi-sensor capturing, correlation and analysis, you’ll have full control of the incident cycle – from inception, containment and management to debriefing and prosecution.

  • Manage a unified security platform– by integrating all of your systems and sensors, including those from third parties
  • View a common operating picture  by correlating and analyzing all incoming data, everyone has a complete and consistent view
  • Gain complete situational awareness
    – you’ll know what is happening, when and where

Centralized and unified

In most control rooms, systems and sensors are independently managed this is highly inefficient. Qognify Situator integrates your systems and sensors, including video management, into a unified security platform. Situator correlates and analyzes all data from these systems for insight into what’s happening and anticipate what’s going to happen.

Consistent incident handling

How you respond to an event can often be the difference between escalation and containment with a quick resolution. With pre-planned situation management capabilities, incident handling isn’t left up to chance. Instead, automated workflows guide security personnel to the most effective response – no matter who is in the command and control center.

Continual improvement

At correctional facilities, security incidents happen, and they happen often. Once an event has occurred, a full incident report is generated by the Qognify solution and automatically distributed to all relevant stakeholders. In addition, debriefing is made more efficient with a fully synchronized event file that includes video and audio recordings, as well as the security operator’s response process. Another benefit: insights gathered from the incident report can be used for process improvement and corrective action.

Experience and expertise

There is no substitute for real experience and a proven track record. Many of the world’s most security-conscious locations and organizations use Qognify technology and expertise to improve their safety and security operations. Read our customer stories about how we’ve helped secure everything from the world’s largest sporting events and busiest transportation hubs to critical facilities, campuses and casinos.

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