security solution for banks

Security Solution for Banks & Financial Institutions

Effective security management for complex environments

Security for the banking industry is complex. Not only are banks appealing targets for criminal activity, they’ve got a challenging environment to contend with. Regulations, diverse and distributed systems, and a range of locations – branches, ATMs, operations centers, corporate offices – are just some of the factors to be addressed.

The Qognify Security Solution for Banks and Financial Institutions is designed with these unique requirements in mind. Ideal for distributed environments, with both centralized and local control via Situator, the advanced situation management solution. Together with Qognify’s intelligent IP video management, the solution improves security by eliminating and managing threats. Moreover, the solution improves operations as it streamlines and automates processes and enforces compliance activities.

Reduce risk, maintain business continuity

If you’ve got a real incident, you want it resolved with the best possible outcome. Qognify gives you complete situational awareness and management. Automated, pre-defined guidance ensures that operators handle each event with the most effective and compliant response, allowing a fast return to normal operations.

You can’t allow yourself to be surprised

Imagine if you wouldn’t need to watch so many systems, master all the interfaces and understand what is going on based on experience only. How much more could you accomplish? Customers using Qognify have been able to:

  • Gain immediate, daily ROI – through the elimination of costly false alarm responses
  • Reduce the probability of human error – by automating procedures and managing multiple types of threats with pre-defined guidance
  • Maximize existing resources – via improved personnel deployment, dramatically reduced response times, and leveraged legacy systems and sensors

“The cost of the false alarms that we were able to save has actually paid off this project.” 

Mr. Joao Amorim, Project Manager, Millennium BCP

Consistently compliant

Maintaining and proving compliance is time and resource consuming. Qognify automates much of this process by ensuring that everyone is aware of the compliant response in any given situation – daily activities and incidents alike – via pre-configured guidance that is aligned with your SOPs. And since everything is logged and recorded, proof of implementation and reporting are automatic.

“With Situator, we were able to become more efficient in monitoring and handling alarms, and not least important, using Situator, we were able to significantly reduce the cost related to monitoring and responding to security incidents”

Vitor Monteiro, Security Manager, Millennium BCP

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