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Smart & Safe City Solutions

Smartly ensuring public safety and urban security

As populations are increasingly moving to urban environments, maintaining safety and security is more complex than ever. With the potential of needing to handle virtually any type of threat and event, having complete situational awareness and advanced situation management is the smart and effective path to ensuring quality of city life.

A Single, Unified Networked Security Platform

Qognify Safe & Smart City Solution integrates systems, sensors and data for comprehensive and predictive situational awareness. It also provides access to this information to all the relevant stakeholders – law enforcement, first responders, PSAPs, government agencies and municipal departments. This total visibility enables cities to effectively and proactively respond to any event.

  • Complete Visibility – all stakeholders, across function, department or location, works from a common operating picture (COP) for improved response
  • Advanced Situational Awareness – ensures that events are handled effectively and with improved outcomes
  • Improved Incident Management – with pre-defined, compliant and guidance that evolves with the incident

Leading public safety expert

There is no substitute for real experience and a proven track record. Our expertise is unmatched in the public safety arena. Qognify Safe/Smart City solutions have been selected by Sochi, Russia, during the Winter Olympics 2014 and by East Rutherford, New Jersey, for a major sporting event in 2014. Many of the world’s most security-conscious locations and organizations use Qognify technology and expertise to improve their safety and security operations.

Better resource utilization

In an emergency situation, it is common for many agencies to turn up, eager to support. But the ensuing confusion can have the reverse effect. In such a situation, a strong command and control structure, with effective communication, is vital. And that is exactly what Qognify provides. With the COP and complete situational awareness of our Safe City solution, agencies work better and more effectively together, ensuring public safety.

Accelerated response

The Qognify safe/ smart city solution helps you accelerate response time and resolution effectiveness. Based on the world’s leading PSIM solution, Situator integrates all existing and new technologies to create a unified security platform. This includes VisionHub, for intelligent IP video surveillance, to verify incidents as they occur; our advanced video analytics applications such as Suspect Search; and our debriefing tools, which manage and maximize all incident information during and after a security incident. And that’s just the beginning.

“Sochi’s Safe City project is a significant implementation of an emergency control center and video surveillance platform. It will provide additional advantages to the police force, law enforcement authorities, and emergency and city operation services to help them reduce the number of offenses and ensure public safety.”

Andrey Cheremnykh, President of the Asteros Group (Project System Integrator)



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