Qognify Wins Government Security News’ 2016 Airport, Seaport and Border Security Awards

Qognify Wins Government Security News’ 2016 Airport, Seaport and Border Security Awards

Qognify’s two newly released solutions were awarded, alongside Naftoport seaport – a Qognify customer recognized for its advanced security program

June 20, 2016

Paramus, New Jersey – June 20, 2016 – Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced that it has been awarded three Government Security News (GSN) 2016 Airport, Seaport and Border solutions awards.

  • VisionHub, Qognify’s new next-generation video management solution, was recognized as the Best Integrated Perimeter Protection Solution for featuring a powerful VMS at its core, delivering a video-centric solution that also boasts map visualization and system/sensor integration, and integrated video analytics including an advanced perimeter protection solution.
  • Situator’s latest release, with its new Operational Intelligence Center (OIC) module, was named Best Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM). The OIC module, which enhances Qognify’s PSIM with a holistic outlook of security and business operations, provides an enterprise-wide view of business performance against the organization’s own KPIs, trending performance status as well as predictive indication for upcoming events.
  • Naftoport, a major oil transshipment port in Poland, was recognized as the Most Notable Maritime/Seaport Program, Project, Upgrade for its advanced deployment of Qognify Situator and video management solution. The integrated solution has proven to effectively address Naftoport’s complex environment and challenges.

“This is a highly targeted program,” said lead judge Chuck Brooks, “dealing with very serious national and international threats in land, sea and air that are in the news every day. The vendor companies and government agencies working in Airport, Seaport, Rail and Border security and participating in this program are cutting edge leaders both nationally and internationally.”

“There were some truly spectacular entries in this year’s program,” said GSN CEO Adrian Courtenay. “The judges were impressed with Qognify’s solutions and the benefits and innovation experienced by its customer. We are excited to decorate Qognify as a three-award winner in this year’s program.”

Honored by the distinction, Qognify’s President Moti Shabtai, said, “The fact two of our just-released solutions have already gained industry recognition reinforces Qognify’s leadership and innovation. More importantly, the win together with our longstanding customer Naftoport, acknowledges a truly top-notch program for a client with the most challenging security needs. We are extremely proud to be winners of multiple awards from GSN, exemplifying our commitment to helping private and government organizations effectively manage security and operations”.

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Qognify helps organizations mitigate risk, maintain business continuity, and optimize operations. The Qognify portfolio includes video management, video and data analytics, and PSIM/ Situation Management solutions that are deployed in financial institutions, transportation agencies, airports, seaports, utility companies, city centers, and to secure many of the world’s highest-profile public events.


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