Qognify Successfully Integrates Situator with Senstar’s FiberPatrol™- PR

Qognify Successfully Integrates Situator with Senstar’s FiberPatrol™- PR

Enabling a major North American utility company to maintain NERC-CIP compliance

July 11, 2016

Paramus, New Jersey – July 11, 2016 – Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced the successful integration of their leading PSIM and Situation Management solution, Situator, with Senstar’s fence-mounted fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, FiberPatrol-PR. The integration and joint solution was initiated on behalf of a major utility company in North America in order to enable them to maintain compliance with stringent NERC-CIP regulations and improve security and safety.

NERC CIP reliability standards were developed to ensure the physical security of critical assets that control or effect the reliability of bulk electric systems. Non-compliance can result in heavy fines; as high as $1 million per day, per violation. As per NERC, utility companies must respond to incidents within a certain time period upon an alert.

Senstar fiber patrol wired fence

Senstar fiber patrol wired fence

Fiber Patrol-PR is capable of identifying an intrusion point along a fence with high accuracy, providing up to 14.9 mi (24 km) of protection per processor. When an intrusion is detected, FiberPatrol-PR automatically creates alerts in Situator, which provides operators with situational awareness. Situator can then guide operators to the most effective and compliant response via pre-defined, automated and evolving incident management capabilities. Being able to identify a threat or a problem in real time and handle it effectively and efficiently is critical. Moreover, Situator provides detailed, accurate reporting that serves as proof of compliance for regulators.

Utility companies are faced with heightened security and safety threats, reduced budgets, and ever-increasing compliance pressures. “The Situator/FiberPatrol-PR solution effectively addresses these challenges with the ability to identify, notify and effectively respond in real time to ensure business continuity and compliance,” said Senstar’s Product Manager Stewart Dewar. “This solution benefits from the inherent reliability of FiberPatrol-PR’s advanced fiber optic technology, with its cut-immune capability.”

Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify: “We are proud to team up with Senstar to help our client, a leading electric utility company, meet the critical challenges of improving compliance, particularly with respect to NERC CIP. The joint solution increases the effectiveness of their security and safety operations and reduces operational costs which are important benefits for any organization. “The automated documentation of every incident’s response allows them to always be prepared for audits and provide proof of compliance.”

About Qognify

Qognify helps organizations mitigate risk, maintain business continuity, and optimize operations. The Qognify portfolio includes video management, video and data analytics, and PSIM/ Situation Management solutions that are deployed in financial institutions, transportation agencies, airports, seaports, utility companies, city centers, and to secure many of the world’s highest-profile public events.


About Senstar

Senstar has been manufacturing, selling and supporting the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for more than 35 years. Senstar is also a leading provider of life safety / emergency call solutions, as well as of a line of solutions that protect security networks against cyber threats. Senstar’s products and solutions can be found around the world in more than 80 countries, in tens of thousands of sites including borders, ports, military and government, oil and gas, correctional, and other critical sites. www.senstar.com.

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