Qognify Extend

A field mobile application suite

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The smartest sensor is you

As you are probably reading this on your mobile device we don’t have to tell you that today, almost everybody carries a smart mobile phone capable of sending messages, capturing exactly what is happening through images and video, all with accurate location. What makes these devices into a smart sensor is not just the technology, but the fact that human consideration and processing is in the loop. We decide what is worth recording, capturing and sending, we decide when that makes most sense, we put it in the right context. And we know all that simply by actually being there.

Your field personnel is out there, seeing, realizing and understanding what is happening. Qognify Extend harnesses both advanced technology and human logic to enable them to provide accurate, real time, visual, detailed information to the control room.

The applications


SeeItSendIt – enables your staff, in any location, to communicate and report through their mobile phone, on incidents, risks and suspects, and provide textual, visual and geographic information instantly.


Live Video Broadcast – allows field personnel to broadcast live video directly to the control room. Increasing your surveillance coverage by making every mobile phone into a potential surveillance camera.


Dispatch – the application enables effective communication and management of guards by providing operators with simple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) functionalities.


GuardMe – provides users with a simple personal security services, monitoring their progress from point A to point B and enable immediate report of distress situations.

Qognify VICC (Visual Intelligence Command Center) – a desktop application that collects and aggregates the information from the various mobile applications, presenting it on a map – enabling control room operators to get complete situational awareness.

Key Features and highlights:

Integrated to Situator and VisionHub
Leveraging commonly available smart phones
All reports are “geo-tagged” using the phone’s GPS
Direct video streaming as well as recording for later use on the cloud
Dynamic dispatch and routing algorithms for guards
Fully customizable
A highly secure cloud hosted architecture
Minimal deployment effort

Use Case

A suspicious person seen entering a restrictes building
A field operator creates a report using SeeItSendIt including an image of the person
The report is received in the control room and an incident is created
Suspect search video analytics is activated to locate the current whereabouts of the suspect
Bulletin sent to guards with location and image of the suspect
Suspect is apprehended