Visual Business Process Support

BVI combines a video footage from a VMS with transaction data from business-related IT systems,creating a new-level of information to optimize business processes.

Video Technology Supports Business Processes

Today most complex business processes are tracked with reams of data from various sources. But still many gaps remain, where there are no sensors, logs or visual information. These gaps can lead to losses and waste considerable unexploited potential.

With Business Video Intelligence (BVI) we are able to close these information gaps. This is because Qognify’s solutions use event and video data from a VMS and combine it with process data. By linking these previously unconnected areas we gain valuable new information. „Seeing is believing.“

For the logistics and retail sector, Qognify offers business solutions that can be further customized as required. For other applications, tailor-made, modular solutions can be compiled, using the advanced integration capabilities of BVI.


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    Fast Research

    With a traditional video system, it often takes hours to browse recordings to clarify irregularities in the business process like a lost or damaged package in a warehouse or an incorrect transaction at the checkout.

    By combining video and transaction data, BVI makes it possible to search for particular items or transaction types – and to find the corresponding video recordings within seconds.

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    Process Transparency

    Business processes are usually tracked with tons of data – but this very often doesn’t reveal what really happens.

    By seamlessly monitoring every step of a process and combining visual information and transaction data, BVI helps to improve the process flow to make sure that responsibilities are clear at any time. Thus, for instance, the transfer of liability within the supply chain can be documented reliably.

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    Cost Savings

    If goods or shipments are stolen, lost or damaged and have to be replaced, or penalties have to be paid, this may add up to significant costs for a company.

    BVI helps to avert false claims by providing a seamless documentation of the flow of goods. In addition, it makes the research more efficient compared to traditional video systems, allowing all labels provided by an ERP, PoS or warehouse management to be used as search criteria.


BVI in Retail

Learn how BVI helps you to reduce theft and to increase the shopping experience.


BVI in Logistics

Experience how BVI helps you to retrieve lost shipments.


How BVI Works

Video Data

Scanning Data

BVI collects recordings from the video management system as well as process and scanning data from ERP or warehouse management systems


Using position and time stamps, these data pools are matched and combined.


The merged data is analyzed further, e.g., through queries or intelligent analytics tools


The results are presented in a user-friendly manner


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