Physical Security Solutions

Safeguarding your security operations

Denver RTD (Regional Transportation District)

With dozens of facilities and thousands of vehicles, Denver RTD relies heavily on video surveillance to keep its system safe for passengers and workers by thwarting crime and supporting criminal prosecution.

The RTD security team trusted Qognify to control and monitor over 1,000 cameras around the clock across its transportation network. Qognify helped to significantly reduce crime across the Denver RTD system, allowing them to keep good on their promise to keep the rails safe for passengers.


Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport takes the challenge of maintaining the safety and security of its passengers, visitors and employees seriously.

Gatwick Airport trusted Qognify to combine all available security elements to a unified, automated and rapid response security system enabling to identify issues and mobilize personnel faster than ever before with improved incident handling and collaboration between all stakeholders.


Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport, a Qognify customer since 2008, expanded into a new terminal which opened for operation in mid-2017. As part of this expansion, the airport upgraded its security, safety and operations.

Oslo Airport trusted Qognify to create a unified platform with centralized management that could integrate any existing and future system and sensor, allowing them to maintain compliance, real-time situational awareness and management, and improved adherence to defined SOPs.


Millennium BCP

Millennium BCP had invested in a variety of physical security systems from different vendors. Information from these systems was dispersed, and as a result, it was difficult to achieve a common operating picture, understand the situation correctly and act optimally.

The bank trusted Qognify to unify and integrate these various systems into a single, holistic platform to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the bank’s physical security operations across its 800 branches while leveraging existing infrastructure and optimizing its functionality.


Baylor University

Baylor University’s priority is to ensure safety and protect public areas across the thousand-acre campus.

They trusted Qognify to deploy a comprehensive IP video surveillance and management solution that allows the Baylor University Police Department to more effectively manage its 550 cameras and respond to more than 10,000 calls they receive per year.


Nanded City

Nanded city leaders recognized the need to enhance security and understood that an innovative approach was necessary to meet all their needs and budget requirements.

They trusted Qognify in providing a solution for Nanded’s command, control and communication center, C-Cube, aimed at monitoring the entire city and effective management of security safety and operations during routine and emergency situations.