• qoute left With Qognify’s advanced technology and deep transportation industry experience, we’re able to provide passengers a safe and secure environment qoute right
    Mr. Song, Director of Construction, Tianjin Transit Group
  • qoute left The Navi Mumbai security program goes far beyond a CCTV system. It is a smart solution that integrates video, emergency response, traffic control, license plate identification and more. qoute right
    Mr. Soma Vijayakumar, City and Industrial Development Corporation
  • qoute left The power of the CCTV solution is that it gives Gatwick Airport superior situational awareness and allows us to command, adapt and respond to any security event, before, during and after it occurs. It enables a quicker speed of response, a more appropriate size of response and it allows us to play back and learn lessons from the incident after the fact. qoute right
    Robin Lomax, IT Project Manager CCTV Refresh Project Gatwick Airport
  • qoute left The partnership with Qognify allows us to take advantage of investments in security to gain unique information from our business operations. Another benefit is increased confidence in managing the unexpected and allowing us to significantly reduce our response times qoute right
    Suzana Strauch, Planning and Business Continuity Manager at TIM Brasil
  • qoute left Adding Qognify Situator to the security and operations program at Oslo Airport has enabled us to confidently build true best-of-breed solution. qoute right
    Frode Igland, CEO, Racom AS, system integrator at Oslo Airport
  • qoute left VisionHub gives us the ability to view gaming sequences from many different angles and zoom in for close-ups. If a dispute arises, we can scroll through the video quickly – back and forth – and view images from several cameras simultaneously. We can see the fine details, which cards each player held, the exact amount of a bet and when it was placed. qoute right
    Mr. Hasky, President of Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino, Golden Lion Marbella
  • qoute left With Qognify’s advanced technology and in depth knowledge of airport industry, we’re able to provide our passengers a safe environment. Employees have an easy-to-access, scalable, and stable security solution that monitors and manages surveillance of our 110,000 square meter terminal building qoute right
    Ms. Yang, Director of Technology, Hefei Xingiao International Airport
  • qoute left Since the implementation of Situator we have been able to reduce intake time by over 60 percent, from an average of 14 minutes to just 4 minutes. qoute right
    Hans Smits, Director of Incident Management at ProRail
  • qoute left With Qognify’s support, we were able to bring our vision to fruition and even create a public address system that allows us to communicate quickly with our citizens. We’re already seeing an improvement in security, operations, communications, and the way incidents are handled qoute right
    Mr. G Sreekanth, Municipal Commissioner of Nanded City
  • qoute left The ARC, greatly increases and streamlines LAX’ operational efficiency and crisis management capabilities qoute right
    Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
  • qoute left Qognify has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of airport operations and security procedures, and an understanding of our technology needs over the years qoute right
    Mr. Sheng Lu, Senior Project Manager for Hongqiao Airport