Security, Safety and Operations


Our Mission:

Mitigate risks, maintain business continuity and optimize operations

As of September 2015 Battery Ventures acquired NICE System’s physical security business unit and formed an independent company – Qognify.

Under the new brand we will continue to develop our product technology while striving for excellence and innovation. In addition, we will continue to provide our vast customer base solutions for improved security and efficiency along with uncompromising support and services.

More than ever, we are focused on helping organizations mitigate security and safety risks, maintain business continuity and streamline operations.

Awareness is everything

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. But when you’re securing and optimizing people, assets and organizations, too much information can be just as bad – and it’s a problem that’s only going to get worse.


Because today’s security, safety and operations agencies are being deluged by increasing volumes of internal and external data from a growing network of unconnected sources.

Organizations need to be able to bring all this data together, not only to ensure they can always see the big picture, but also to help them take proactive control over their risk management.

Clarity in a complex world

For example, let’s consider transportation. Air, road and rail networks are complex ecosystems in which every component part has to work perfectly, 24/7. Even the slightest disruption can cause serious problems downstream, so personnel at airports, stations and traffic management centers need to ensure their situational awareness is pretty well perfect. They need to be able to spot potential problems before they happen. Only then can they act in an appropriate and timely manner – to keep things moving and to keep people safe.

The story is similar elsewhere. In enterprise facilities, global organizations, city centers and sports stadiums, the priority is to keep everything functioning as intended, safely and securely.

Get it right with Qognify

We help bring all your security and surveillance data together, filtering out the background noise, connecting the dots, and shedding light on their overall significance. Our solutions empower you to take the necessary action, improve the safety, security and efficiency of your operations, and keep a complete audit trail for compliance, training and analysis.

With thousands of deployments in banks, utility companies, airports, seaports, city centers, and transportation agencies, Qognify helps agencies all over the world keep people and assets safe.