Operational Intelligence Center

Enhance incident management and improve operational efficiency

You’ve got massive amounts of data that you’re probably not leveraging. A missed opportunity can have a tremendous impact on business continuity and improvement.

Qognify’s Operational Intelligence Center module (OIC) translates operational and other data you’re already capturing into actionable intelligence. The OIC monitors large volumes of data to identify precursors to incidents and unfolding events, allowing you to eliminate or mitigate risk and limit business disruption.

A proactive incident management system

The Operational Intelligence Center has an Advanced Rule Engine that enhances Situator’s current correlation engine, providing more insight into your organization’s incident management procedures in real time and over time. The Operational Intelligence Center gives you:

  • Decision support tools – continuous monitoring and measuring of your leading business and service KPIs, giving you insightful decision support and enhanced incident management capabilities.
  • Actionable intelligence – via custom dashboards, you’ll get a current status snapshot of your organization’s facilities and departments and a holistic perspective of incidents and situations in real time.
  • Effective root-cause analysis – through trend and pattern analysis and the hidden insights our Operational Intelligence Center reveals, you’ll be able to understand why something is happening and how to improve it.

Custom dashboards increase operational efficiency

Getting the right information to the right people is key to operational efficiency. Our Operational Intelligence Center allows you to customize dashboards with information that enables people in your organization to best fulfill their responsibilities – from executives to field personnel.

An immediate ROI

Business disruptions are costly. So much so that in some cases, their cost is calculated by the minute. With the ability to learn from past experience via trend and pattern analysis, the Operational Intelligence Center can provide insights that allow you to better prepare for future events. This mitigates and minimizes the risk and cost stemming from business disruptions.




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