Versatile enough to fit any environment, NiceVision is an enterprise-class system that maximizes your video surveillance solution with unique video enhancement tools, integrated video analytics and an open, IT-friendly design that delivers extreme performance. VisionHub, NiceVision’s next generation video management software, takes these capabilities and expands them.

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Redefining IP video security

NiceVision is a comprehensive, enterprise-class, open-platform IP video surveillance solution providing surveillance coverage and control for security-conscious environments. As an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution seamlessly managed by the NiceVision ControlCenter application suite, NiceVision Net includes encoders and smart video recorders (SVRs) embedded with video analytics, high-performance decoders, extensive event management, and control room visualization. The combination of flexible software and turnkey solutions with open, standard support and leading video recording capabilities enables all organizations to extract security and business insights from IP and analog cameras and other integrated devices.

The NiceVision solution ensures

  • Maximized video management — Video Value Added Services allow you to extract maximum value from any video technology
  • Open & IT friendly — designed for easy third-party integrations and IT requirement compliance
  • Versatile offering — enterprise class, end-to-end IP video surveillance solution that fits all customers and installations
  • Extreme performance — offering the best TCO and unsurpassed reliability

A video solution for all

NiceVision eXpress — perfect for initiating pilot projects, NiceVision eXpress is an enterprise-class solution for small-scale facilities or installations.

NiceVision Professional — this recording and management solution has been tailored for mid-sized deployments such as mass transit, and critical-services facilities such as power plants.

NiceVision Enterprise — NiceVision Enterprise is ideal for large-scale deployments such as airports, railways, and city centers. Allowing an unlimited number of cameras and users, the solution is both future ready and scalable.

“More people have admitted to their involvement in illegal activities. NiceVision has really helped the overall security of the campus.”

Brent Howell, Investigator, Baylor University Police Department

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