gsoc global security operations center

Security Solution for Global Security Operation Centers

For complete global situational awareness

Multiple time zones, languages, cultures and priorities, and just the sheer staffing scale of a worldwide 24×7 security operation, make a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) extremely challenging, yet absolutely necessary. Because regional SOCs are so distant, both physically and metaphorically, it is very hard to know what they are doing and how they are handling specific incidents.

Creating a single, unified security platform

The Qognify Security Solution provides your global command center with complete Situational Awareness and management capabilities over all your regional SOCs – no matter where they are in the world. It does this by integrating all of your systems and sensors into a unified platform, giving your GSOC the ability to respond to events anywhere in the world, in real time.

  • 24/7 security – providing visibility into your global operations, together with the flexibility to handle incidents centrally, regionally or locally
  • Reduced cost – increased efficiency is gained by creating a unified approach to your global security operations
  • Improved resources utilization – through advanced virtual collaboration, subject matter experts and personnel can share their efforts and experience from any location

System alignment

Large, geographically dispersed organizations typically have a mix of physical security infrastructures. This can pose a real challenge for your GSOC, as it requires remote visibility. Qognify delivers a single user interface to all the sub-systems, so that, for example, any camera can be viewed and any door unlocked, regardless of the manufacturer, from anywhere in the world. This means remote staff can help manage incidents more effectively, which in turn means fewer people can handle more locations and more incidents.

Complete incident information management

Communication and information sharing is extremely important, especially in the GSOC environment. How you manage it is equally important. With Qognify, you’ll be able to capture, record, synchronize and manage all of the information and actions taken in connection with any incident. This provides an accurate 360-degree view for investigation and debriefing, so processes and procedures can be continuously evaluated and improved.

Ensuring a consistent response

Cultures and priorities differ from region to region. Addressing those differences can be a major challenge for global organizations seeking consistency across their operations. Standard operating procedures give you the confidence that incidents are being handled the same everywhere.

Greater efficiency

Increased automation and standardized procedures also impact the time, cost and effort needed for global training. This directly affects the time-to-effectiveness for new operators, as well as those whose roles have changed. It also means that when new policies and procedures are introduced, they are immediately effective, even without updated training.

Experience you can count on

Some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations rely on Qognify every day to help them maintain safety and security, and improve operations. Continuously, Qognify is selected to help the world’s busiest airports, transit systems, cities, law enforcement agencies, national parks, and many others improve their ability to identify, respond to, and manage both security and operational events.

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