This video presents the integration between Agent Vi’s Video Content Analytics System and Qognify’s Ocularis VMS. Topics covered include: configuration of the Agent Vi savVi administration interface, the savVi-to-Ocularis proxy and Ocularis Admin, and a demonstration of how Agent Vi alerts are displayed and handled in Ocularis Client.

Instantly investigate during live monitoring and change cameras, copy camera images and send a peer-to-peer video alert, all while keeping an eye on the entire camera array.

With this Ocularis/C2P integration, instantly monitor the movement of persons or automobiles of interest. This tracker functionality displays pop-up alerts with time synchronization, shows building layouts, and provides associated camera views.

Increase the availability of information, actions and handling methods upon receiving an alert.

Learn how to set Ocularis Client to maximize a window when a pre-configured event occurs.

Smart Camera Drivers are the next evolution in camera drivers, which enable the communication between cameras and recording servers. They offer significant advantages over standard, static camera drivers, and they provide full support for all advanced camera features.

Allows the administrator to know what data was accessed, exported or removed, when and by whom.

Combine different camera license types under the same system for optimal flexibility and cost savings.

Learn how to use Ocularis Video Protection Mode to protect your sensitive video from getting shared with unauthorized parties.

The Ocularis/Inex-Tech Automatic License Plate Recognition integration provides alerts for blacklisted vehicles, recognition of vehicle moving patterns, license plate search options, and forensic analysis data.