• Architecture of Cayuga: Core Service, Device Manager (DM), clients, cameras
  • Installation: system requirements, Administration Tool, Service Manager, Update Server
  • User interface: login, extended login, tab bar, menu bar, control bar, day/night mode, controls
  • Configuration Mode: camera finder, hardware configuration, various camera types, schedules, maps, views, websites, user administration, user profiles, alarm scenarios, buttons, patrols, server-based sequences, basics of system administration, event administration, server
  • Client Configuration (overview): input devices (e.g. jog dial, joystick, digit pad)
  • Monitoring Mode: monitoring in practice, export options, archive options, customized views, camera control
  • Report Mode: event queries, export queries
  • Archive Mode: ISearch, export of image data, import of image data, Offline Viewer


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