Enterprise Incident Management

Safeguarding your business operations

ProRail, Netherlands

An integral part of everyday life in the Netherlands, 1.2 million passengers use ProRail to get to their destination. Annually, thousands of incidents occur that cause delays and disruptions, which can have a negative financial impact and diminish passenger satisfaction.

ProRail trusted Qognify to optimize operations and minimize operational downtime caused by incidents, specifically reducing incidents’ intake time and improving collaboration.


European Rail Operator

One of the leading and busy rail network operators in Europe wanted to empower more efficient and process-oriented incident management, allowing for improved continuity of service.

The operator trusted Qognify to conduct a deep analysis of their operation, identify key process improvements needed and eventually implement a comprehensive incident management solution which is their center piece in control room operation and key to keeping organization wide service level standards.

Navi Mumbai Smart City

Navi Mumbai, a city with growing political and social significance and heavy influx of religious tourism, wanted to ensure the safety and comfort of its citizens and visitors.

They trusted Qognify to create a very robust and centralized solution that effectively provides a unified, operational view of the city, including every entry and exit, toll points, traffic junctions, accident prone road sections, subway and railway stations, schools, key residential areas, open markets, and critical utility infrastructure areas.


A large airport, North America

A category X airport encountered constant and escalating costs related to TSA fines. Those costs included both the TSA fines as well as staff overtime and attorney fees for defense against TSA claims.

The airport trusted Qognify in implementing a layer of advanced business logic on top of existing systems, enabling them to treat these critical events differently than all others. Overall, adding this layer of intelligence allows the airport to minimize non-compliant events and avoid accumulating fines.