The largest gateway between the United States and Latin America, Miami International Airport (MIA), is also one of the largest airline hubs in the United States. In 2018 the airport ranked third in the United States by percentage of international flights and second by volume of international passengers. Annually, over 45 million passengers travel through the airport making it one of the world’s busiest airports. Moreover, the airport is one of the largest in terms of cargo within the US, serving 2.3 million tons of cargo in 2019.


As a major international airport, MIA sought to improve their security and safety operations through an integrated video surveillance solution with IP capabilities, video analytics for intrusion detection and synchronized audio to provide enhanced monitoring, incident verification and early notification of unfolding events. In addition, the airport sought a robust intrusion detection system for their runways and taxiways to ensure safety and address the security needs of their substantial cargo traffic.


PHASE I − NICEVISION VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOLUTION WITH QOGNIFY VIDEO AND DATA ANALYTICS Using a phased approach, as a first step Qognify designed and implemented a solution that manages and records 2,600 video channels located throughout the interior and exterior of the airport, which include advanced video analytics. This has enhanced the airport’s monitoring and intrusion detection capabilities. The integrated, open-platform solution enables the MIA to leverage past investments while it enhances their functionality. An example of this is its ability to apply today’s advanced IP functionality to existing analog infrastructure. ▪ Through Qognify’s Smart Video Recorders (SVR) with hybrid functionality, the NiceVision solution enabled the MIA’s existing 2,000 analog cameras with advanced IP capabilities. At the same time, the SVR seamlessly integrates the newly deployed IP cameras, allowing the airport to migrate to an all IP solution at their own pace. ▪ The airport has achieved higher levels of security as a result of the integrated system. This enables security operators to focus on mission-critical tasks as many of the once manual tasks are now automated. ▪ With Qognify’s Video and Data Analytics Suite (VA), the airport can better monitor and secure their entire environment as operators are alerted to potential unfolding events. ▪ The airport security system consists of a highly distributed video surveillance system that monitors 24/7 and feeds the captured video into the Qognify recording system for simultaneous playback and viewing in any of the airport’s monitoring locations. PHASE II − SITUATOR FOR RUNWAY AND TAXIWAY INCURSION DETECTION ▪ With the proven success of the NiceVision and VA solutions, together with the IP capabilities it enabled across their existing infrastructure, MIA has deployed Situator to secure its runways and taxiways. The solution combines a mix of long-range smart surveillance cameras enabled with outdoorready intelligent video analytics, radar, vehicle tracking and GPS capabilities. ▪ Constantly monitoring the environment, as the backbone of the solution Situator manages alerts and reduces false alarms as it is completely integrated with all other systems and sensors. ▪ The solutions addresses both safety events, such as when an airport vehicle enters an active runway, together with security events that may come in the form of a breach from an external vehicle that makes its way on to the runway or taxiway. ▪ Once the event has been handled, a full incident report is generated and automatically distributed to all relevant stakeholders. This is then used for debriefing, while the insights gathered from the incident report can be used for process improvement and corrective action.


Through the integration of security systems and sensors, Situator is able to intelligently correlate the data flowing into the platform for the proactive identification and verification of unfolding events on the runway or taxiway.Once verified, operators can effectively respond to any given situation with approved, embedded and automated response plans.


"Situator was not only one of the best products out there after the testing, but it was also something that gave us a return on investment because we already own most of the infrastructure. It’s a platform that is customizable, not just for security. We can use it for point-of sale, concessions vendors, for tracking vehicles, for license plate recognition. The runway-incursion. Everything is now automated for the security operators – just one click gives them access to live video, audio, and the control alarm as well as view capability for pre-and-post recording footage. We are also leveraging the system to offer security services to some of the airlines. This is helping us realize a breakeven costing model.”, says Ray Davalos ,Building Systems Manager, Miami International Airport.