Preparing your Covid-19 Response

Reimagining Safety and Operations in Unprecedented Times

Responding to Covid-19 in your world

The global emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on every part of our world. No sector or industry has been untouched, and this disaster has only compounded the increasingly complex nature of security. With its rapid onset and constant evolution, organizations from airports to colleges and universities, have found themselves unprepared to make a quick shift while effectively protecting employees, customers or patrons, as well as their facilities. Does your team have access to timely and relevant information to make quick decisions? Do you have a plan in place to respond effectively should an incident occur?

At Qognify our solutions help our customers to minimize the impact of physical security, safety and operational incidents. Unaddressed these impacts of a crisis such as Covid-19 can have devastating impacts on the health and wealth of an organization and it's people. Our team is committed to partnering with you to ensure you achieve physical security while having the processes and procedures in place to address emergencies as we navigate these uncharted territories.

Challenges for Facing Covid-19



Always keeping what's happening in view - in real-time or as recordings


Creating an overview of the current situation to facilitate immediate action


Extracting relevant information from a massive load of video data

Is your organization prepared?


  • Distancing Measures

  • Enhanced Cleaning

  • Response Planning

  • Fever Detection

  • Stakeholder Screening

  • Training / PPE

  • Signage and Communication

  • Contact Tracing


Are you ready for us to help you with your Covid-19 strategy?

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