Overcoming challenges in picking and returning shipments

Xortec, a hard and software company based in Frankfurt, operates an in-house warehouse and logistics center for shipping orders to its customers, processing several 10,000 shipments per year. To ship orders to its customers, Xortec operates a companyowned warehouse and logistics center, that processes more than 10,000 shipments per year. With hardware orders often vary widely and requiring accessory items to be packed, Xortec relies on a manual picking. For the picking, shipping and returns management process to run smoothly, a high level of coordination and organization is required within the warehouse.


Optimizing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the picking process was the first step, to ensure every order is fulfilled accurately, completely and without damage in the shortest possible time. The same diligence extends to the organization of returned products, as well as the handling of customer feedback. Like any mail order company, Xortec must deal with customer issues regarding incomplete or damaged shipments, and it is important to be able to respond quickly, as well as understand the cause. For this reason, the company decided to equip its warehouse packing stations with a system for visual process support.

The chosen solution was Qognify’s BVI software platform (Business Video Intelligence) integrated with its Cayuga video management system, that intelligently combines data from IP cameras installed all around the packing stations, with shipping data. This provides Xortec with valuable new information that enables each shipment to be individually tracked.


The process begins with the scans of all serial numbers in incoming and outgoing goods being recorded by USB keyloggers, connected to the scanners used at the packing station. This data is transferred to the BVI software and linked via time and location information to the video images, from the respective cameras monitoring the packing process. In the event of a customer issue, the entire picking process can be fully traced. If necessary, the customer can also be provided with corresponding image material (video sequences or individual images) in compliance with data protection regulations.

Although the number of customer issues represents less than one percent of shipment, the costs involved are nevertheless considerable – after all, the value of a shipment can amount to several thousand Euros. In the case of high-value goods, the investment in a solution for visual process support can deliver return on investment that pays for the entire system after just a few months. Furthermore, there are indirect benefits including greater customer satisfaction and strengthened trust in the company.

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Daniel Zimmermann, Process Manager at Xortec, reports on the success of the project: „After the initial positive experience with Qognify’s BVI solution, we have now expanded its use. In the future, incoming delivery trucks will be scanned, and the unloading process will be logged with BVI and a license plate recognition system. This is a game changer for our shipping department, and what’s even better, our employees are also on board, because the benefits of the system are obvious to them as well.”


Xortec GmbH is a leading provider of network-based video surveillance and data communications solutions, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a solution provider and distributor of software and hardware, Xortec primarily serves system integrators, specialist installers and system houses around the world.

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