Located in India’s Maharashtra State, Nanded has approximately 1.2 million residents living in this ancient and spiritually significant city. A very holy place for the Sikh religion, Nanded features Gurdwaras (places of worship) throughout the city, attracting a heavy influx of visitors all year long.


Nanded city leaders recognized the need to enhance security and understood that an innovative approach was necessary in order to meet all of their needs and budget requirements. It was from this necessity that the C-Cube project was born. Nanded’s command, control and communication center, C-Cube, was designed to monitor the entire city. In order to achieve this, city leaders together with security consultants MIPL, and system integrator Samarth Security Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. designed the right Safe City solution to enable all of the functionality they sought.


The safe city solution that Qognify developed for Nanded C-Cube is comprised of several different integrated components that work together to provide law enforcement with situational awareness and management.

Situation Mgmnt., VMS, Analytics
Situator is the Situation Management backbone of the solution, with Qognify’s video surveillance – including NVRs, decoders and crowd monitoring video analytics – supporting it.

High resolution and night vision, fixed and PTZ cameras (from Axis Communications) providing clear video at high quality.

Pre-configured advanced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the local language, Marathi, have been developed and implemented to address the various security and disaster situations that could potentially occur.

Panic Buttons
Panic buttons have been deployed throughout the city, giving both citizens and law enforcement another method to alert security operators in C-Cube.

Nanded officials outlined very specific challenges that they wanted to address effectively, yet affordably, with the safe city solution. These include:

Disaster Management – with predefined and escalating SOPs, operators have the ability to effectively and consistently manage emergency situations including structure collapses, flooding, railway accidents, earthquakes and others.

Crowd Formation and Social Unrest – Qognify’s crowd monitoring analytics and/or panic button activation, alerts C-Cube of crowd formations. This allows operators to control the situation with the help of Situator and its embedded predefined SOPs in the local language.

Citywide Public Address (PA ) System – Nanded is leveraging Qognify’s VMS as their PA system in the event of an emergency – eliminating their need for additional equipment. Using the Qognify VMS’ audio out capability, an operator can simply click on any camera and the camera’s loudspeaker makes the announcement.

VIP Route Monitoring and Processing – Situator helps law enforcement monitor and manage routine operations. For example, during VIP route monitoring, corresponding cameras along the route are automatically displayed on the video wall enabling real-time monitoring.


▪ Nanded was one of the first cities in India to roll out a safe city program, and has become a benchmark project in urban security in India.
▪ Increased safety and security with 24/7 monitoring of city area
▪ Faster crime investigations
▪ Public interaction with the control room in emergency situations through the central PA and panic buttons system
▪ Crime level decrease as a result of awareness to the new surveillance program
▪ Improved traffic and parking patterns


“With Qognify’s support, we were able to bring our vision to fruition and even create a public address system that allows us to communicate quickly with our citizens. We’re already seeing an improvement in security, operations, communications, and the way incidents are handled.”, Mr. G Sreekanth, Municipal Commissioner of Nanded City.