Naftoport is Poland’s only oil transshipment port and serves as a critical point in petroleum supply logistics for Germany and Poland. The port also transports crude oil from Russia and Kazakhstan to Western Europe, the United States and Far East. Naftoport has the capacity to handle 40 million tons of oil annually and services approximately 320 ships a year.


Due to Naftoport’s close proximity to Poland’s border and the nature of its activities, the port has heightened security needs that include the threat of terrorist and activist attacks. Already fitted with a diverse array of security systems and sensors, Naftoport sought to unify all of these siloed systems and sensors into a single security platform. In addition, they wanted to empower security operators with the ability to respond to events consistently, regardless of their experience or capabilities.


Naftoport’s system integrator specializing in security, ISM Eurocenter S.A., recommended Situator to address their challenges. Situator integrates all of the various systems and sensors used in a given environment to create a single, comprehensive view. Using nine different gateways to connect a variety of systems such as CCTV, I&HS (Intruder & Hold Up Alert Systems), ACS (Access Control Systems), sonar, radar, automatic identification system, GPS and more, Situator has integrated them all into a single, centralized platform. Situator now manages 21 VisionHub intrusion detection video analytics channels, both analog and infrared, to protect the border its critical resources. One of Situator’s greatest benefits, its automated response plans, helps security teams pre-plan, coordinate and manage response to emergency situations in real time, as well as effectively manage routine security operations. Among the key objectives for Naftoport was minimizing downtime: ensuring continuous operations is critical at a seaport, as the loss caused by one day not operating can be as high as $200,000. In Accordance, 40 security procedures have been automated with Situator for day-to-day security and operations.


Situator’s rules-based procedures guide control room operators, irrespective of their experience, through a step-by-step partially automated process to ensure that the most effective and efficient response is taking place. Furthermore, Situator’s pre-planned responses escalate and adapt as the situation unfolds, so that the operator receives the information and guidance needed to take the most appropriate action as it unfolds. With the positive results that Naftoport has reaped as a result of Situator’s deployment, plans for the next phase of expansion include the integration of fire alarm systems along with the deployment of mega-pixel cameras.


“Situator gives operators a single operating platform through which they can proactively monitor, manage and maintain the security of the port, reducing risks and improving incident management.” Cezary Józwiak, Head of Security at Naftoport. “Integrating our disparate security systems within Situator has made our security team more efficient, effective and agile.” Cezary Józwiak, Head of Security at Naftoport