Millennium bcp is Portugal’s largest private bank. Headquartered in the city of Porto, the bank has nearly 4.3 million customers throughout the world and over 800 branches in Portugal, as well as other countries in Europe and Africa.


Millennium bcp had invested in a variety of physical security systems from different vendors, including video surveillance, access control, and others. Information from these systems was dispersed and without order. As a result, it was difficult to achieve a common operating picture, understand the situation correctly and act optimally. Moreover, unifying methodologies, procedures and standards throughout branches and operations proved to be challenging. The bank sought to unify and integrate these various systems into a single, holistic platform in order to create operational efficiencies and more effective response.


After a comprehensive search and assessment of the available solutions, Millennium bcp selected Situator to address their need to optimize their physical security operations. Deployed on Millennium bcp’s corporate network, Situator monitors over 800 branches and other buildings throughout Portugal. The Qognify solution (formerly part of NICE Security) is integrated with a wide array of bank sensors and security systems, including video surveillance; access control; panic buttons; intrusion and fire alarm panels; fire detection systems; as well as VoIP, text messaging and email gateways. Situator merges data from these sensors into a common operating picture. It analyzes and correlates this information, then applies standard operating procedures and automated response plans to it.


Since deploying Situator in 2011, the bank has been able to establish a consolidated operational center named the Millennium Security Room (MSR). Through Situator’s ability to integrate and unify the existing infrastructure and various security systems, the bank has substantially reduced operating costs. Through Situator’s ability to correlate information and provide video confirmation of alarms in real time, the bank has been able to reduce false alarms from ~20,000 to 1,200 per annum for substantial savings. With all procedures, processes and workflows implemented in Situator, a consistent and optimal response is now ensured, regardless of who is monitoring the system at any given time. Easily understandable, the security needs of banks are not only numerous, but quite complex. The sensitive nature of the industry in conjunction with the branch environment requires banks to address events such as intrusion; invalid access control and tampering; robberies; and alarm panel communications failure to name a few. With Situator, Millennium bcp addresses these events by receiving automatic alarms with information on what has occurred. It then enables operators to verify their validity. The solution also improves response, which in turn mitigates risk through automated tasks such as automatically connecting between control room personnel and the relevant branch. It also automatically connects to external agencies if needed, such as local city police. Furthermore, it presents stepby-step instructions via pre-approved and adaptive response plans to the bank’s security personnel on how to optimally and consistently handle unfolding situations.


“Thanks to Situator we are able to track and enforce compliance with the bank’s policies and regulations, provide reports to the management and support constant improvement. We have been consistently impressed with the excellent support we receive from the Qognify team, and how easy it makes implementing the bank’s procedures,” explained Vitor Monteiro, head of Physical Security at Millennium bcp. “Deployment of the Situator solution allows Millennium bcp to fully integrate and centralize the bank’s various physical security systems. Our new control room operation was built through the integration of Situator in our IT systems’ architecture and implementing smarter situation management solutions.” Vitor Monteiro, Head of Physical Security at Millennium bcp.