Ocularis makes centralized operations and video surveillance easy

Many companies offer intermodal logistics and transportation services, but REMPREX takes pride in creating customized operating solutions by combining a broad suite of value-added services with proprietary technology. The company transformed the freight checkpoint process with its automated gate system (AGS), and now, with REMPREX at more than 120 rail, port, and transportation facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, the company is defining the industry yet again by using live data and its proprietary operating platform to take full facility operations to the next level.


An excellent example of this next level operation is in REMPREX’s innovative use of video technology to deliver added operational benefits from video surveillance cameras originally installed at rail yards for security and the handling of insurance claims. Director of Technology Support / Remote Operation at REMPREX, Joeseph Gruzanski explains: “Video technology and in-camera analytics have evolved so much. We identified an opportunity to create an intelligent camera-based system that would trigger alerts, informing us about the operational impact of an event ahead of time, even before the operation itself knew.”


By using these insights REMPREX can automatically notify relevant stakeholders and take action that prevents or mitigates the operational impact of an event. At the heart of this intelligent camera-based system is its new Ocularis video management system (VMS) from Qognify. The VMS sits within the REMPREX 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC) based in Illinois. Gruzanski adds: “We evaluated a lot of VMSs and we chose Qognify’s Ocularis because of its wide range of triggering, profiling, and administrative capabilities, as well as its integrating with our cameras which are predominantly from Hanwha Techwin.”

One of the major benefits of the new intelligent video solution is the ability to optimize gating. The ROC boasts an impressive video wall, comprising 36 55-inch screens, displaying video from 24 of its intermodal facilities. It handles more than two dozen terminals and facilitates over 13 million gate
transactions annually.

“With so many vehicles entering and exiting REMPREX-managed facilities there is the potential for events that slow operations down,” observes Gruzanski. One such example is a sudden influx of traffic that could create a back-up in the queuing area. He explains how the process has been improved: “We are able to use our smart triggering system to create audible notifications, log the event and continually fine-tune our processes.”

As well as detecting vehicles, the system is also monitoring the number of people entering its driver assistance buildings/kiosks. “A sudden increase in drivers may mean more assistance is required, so the ROC can now coordinate with the Support Team to assign people to the task before any delays happen,” adds Gruzanski.

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Having an intelligent system is having a positive impact on the security of REMPREX’s managed facilities, as well as their operational performance. Automotive facilities are notorious for having intrusion problems. Gruzanski continues: “We have preventative measures, such as fencing and crash gating,however, we now use our video system to automatically identify and trigger alerts to our security teams if people congregate in unexpected areas, or breach no-go zones.”

Looking to the future, REMPREX and Qognify will be working together to discover other areas within the organization that would benefit from the intelligent system that has been deployed, this is likely to include more API integrations and the addition of further video analytics capabilities. “We have a different purpose for our VMS, compared to many other organizations, and what continues to impress me about Qognify is its receptiveness and positive reaction to multiple requests and recommendations
we have made regarding new features and functionality within Ocluaris. The fact that our voice is heard is extremely appreciated.”
Gruzanski concludes: “Utilizing an intelligent video-based system to identify and distribute information appropriately has been tremendous for REMPREX.”


Remprex specializes in the operation, support, and engineering of intermodal terminals and ports in North America. Founded in 2006, the company specialises in enabling freight to get where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, through the creation of customized intermodal logistics and transportation operating solutions.

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