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 PaoTest Setting the Benchmark for Innovation in the Security Technology Sector

Qognify is proud to be a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2019. This prestigious annual award scheme recognizes and rewards innovative thinking in the security technology sector, which delivers real benefits to installers, integrators and end users. The compa...

 PaoTest Qognify in Conversation with Security Systems News
April 26, 2019

During a very successful ISC West 2019, Qognify’s VP of Sales – Key Accounts, Marc Whalen sat down with the Editor of Security Systems News, Paul Ragusa to discuss how the acquisition of OnSSI and SeeTec at the beginning of the year. The discussion highlighted how...

play-btn What sets Qognify Situator apart from other PSIM offerings?

Not all PSIM solutions are created equal in fact many fall far short of being true situation management systems, observes Qognify’s Ophir Levy in his latest video blog. At one end of the spectrum you have the ability to integrate several sensors whilst other, you have Q...

play-btn How do you choose between a VMS and PSIM system?

With powerful next-generation video management systems (VMS) such as Qognify’s VisionHub, capable of integrating multiple safety and security systems, to deliver a clearer operating picture to the control room, how do you know when you need a VMS or are full scale physi...

play-btn How can security systems serve the wider organisation?

Today, large enterprises ranging from railways, airports, utilities and safe/ smart cities, are looking beyond security when deploying technology systems. They are realising that power and potential of situation management extends far beyond the command and control room...

play-btn How are railways improving the way incidents are managed?

Situation management systems such as Qognify Situator are increasingly relied upon by rail operators around the world. In this video, Ophir Levy, of Qognify, explains how the siloed approach operators working in command and control have traditionally used, is rapidly be...