Qognify has once again been recognised for introducing some of the most innovative new technologies to the security industry. For the second consecutive year, the company is shortlisted for the Benchmark Innovation Awards. The all new VisionHub VMS+ is an enterprise-class security management solution. It goes beyond the pure management of video streams, to include superior workflow support, situational awareness and system management capabilities.
The first version of VisionHub was launched in 2016 to much industry acclaim. It was awarded the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) New Product Showcase Best Video Surveillance Management System, as well as the CCTV System of the Year at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards. Announced in March 2020, VisionHub VMS+ is the ideal security management solution for organizations such as airports, seaports and operators of critical infrastructure, delivering…

  • Situational Awareness – Advanced geo-positioned maps help to localize and assess an event within seconds. Its built-in incident management component provides step-by-step guidance through the resolution process.
  • Incident Response Management – Actionable guidance and facilitating collaboration throughout the process of resolving an incident.
  • Enhanced Resiliency – Avoid the loss of video footage with redundancy across all VMS components and with active dual recording.

With a multi-award-winning video management portfolio comprising VisionHub VMS+, Cayuga, Ocularis and NiceVision, Qognify has the most comprehensive range of solutions available on the market today. Whether an organization operates from a single high-security facility, or has a highly complex distributed infrastructure across hundreds of sites and many thousands of cameras, Qognify has a solution to meet its exact specifications.
The winners of the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2020 will be announced later this year.