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Server Sizing


  1. In each line, enter the information of group of edge devices sharing the same recording characteristics (same resolution, bitrate, frame rate, activity and retention)

  2. Video Quality field - Qognify is using a video quality model which calculates the required bitrate according to the input resolution and frame rate. There are 3 quality presets: Economy, Normal and High.

    Note: The video quality model in this tool is a generic one and not camera specific, therefore, the bitrate chosen might be different than the actual one required for a specific camera vendor and model. To avoid miscalculation, you can choose the Custom option, and enter a bitrate value manually. When selecting Custom mode there is no need to enter resolution and frame rate.

  3. Select the server type* to present its throughput capabilities.

  4. Define the maximum storage per server to calculate the required number of servers for the above requirements.

  5. For more advanced sizing requirements (redundancy, VA, etc.) please contact your Qognify sales manager.

Note: Storage is presented in base 10 which is higher than calculated base 2 storage

(*) For more information about the different server types specifications, please refer to VH System Requirements Guide, section 11.2

v 2.0.7