Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) for NiceVision

Know what’s happening and what to do

If your enterprise’s control room is like most, you’ve got a massive amount of information coming into it. Every system and sensor is sending in status updates, notifications and alerts. How do you make sense of it all?

An information management solution is a good answer. Situator Express is a better one. That’s why it’s been ranked the #1 PSIM solution year after year.

A clear view

Think of Situator Express as a layer that sits on top of your NiceVision video management system (VMS), and your other security systems and sensors. Its job is to organize, analyze and manage all of the information those systems produce. Instead of having to manage tens, maybe even hundreds, of systems, you get a single, centralized and integrated view of them all. Situator Express gives you the big picture, along with the important details for your security operations. .

Situational awareness

PSIM makes sense of all the data coming into your control room. It brings greater awareness of what is happening and it does so sooner. That means you can respond faster and more effectively. You’ll know who to send where, how many of them, and make sure they have the right equipment. It helps you to more efficiently use your VMS, NiceVision or third-party access control, intrusion detection and fire detection systems.

Leave the guesswork behind

Situator Express also brings consistency to how your security operations handle incidents. Situator Express gives your operators guidance on how to handle events and automates some of the tasks involved. And when all is said and done, you have the records, reports and analysis necessary to keep improving.​​​

Invaluable experience

Qognify’s Situator Express’s success is due, in large part, to the depth of experience we have in deploying large-scale, complex video surveillance solutions and in tailoring each deployment. We make sure our solution meets your organization’s needs and addresses your specific business challenges.

Tailored for your enterprise

Every environment is different, with specific needs to address. We identify and address these needs by:

  • Developing a deep security needs assessment
  • Defining measurable and achievable ​end results​
  • Tailoring the design of your PSIM solution​

Situator Express for NiceVision enforces intelligent processes and provides an analytical engine that can transform security operations. It bridges painful operational gaps caused by information overload, as it becomes a central pillar in managing your day-to-day security activities. ​

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