intelligent video surveillance system

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intelligent IP Video Surveillance and Management Systems

Video Surveillance – Anywhere, anytime

You’re responsible for making sure everything is secure: people are safe, property is protected and business can proceed as usual. You already know how effective, even necessary, IP video surveillance is. The question is: Which is the best solution for your organization?

The difference is experience

One-size-fits-all shouldn’t apply to IP video surveillance systems. Qognify’s video management system is deployed by various organizations across a wide range of industries, from companies needing entry-level solutions through enterprise customers. Our vast install base includes some of the most security-conscious organizations and locations around the world. It’s not just the right technology you need; it’s the experience and expertise to make that technology work – to its maximum.

Maximize your video management software

NiceVision is a completely open, standard solution, which enhances your experience from any edge device: analog, IP or megapixel. That means you have the freedom to continue using the surveillance tool you already have or to choose another. In our video management solution, ControlCenter is at the helm, managing the smart video recorders, encoders, decoders and video analytics that make up NiceVision Net.

Open, it friendly and flexible software

We’re open to working with system integrators and other business partners to deliver the best solution for your organization. With flexible video management software and turnkey packages – eXpress, Professional and Enterprise – we have what you need for any size deployment and feature set. We can also support any kind of architecture – centralized, distributed or a mix of both.

Extreme resilience​

99.999% availability, 24/7. We achieve this through a variety of technologies and capabilities. Rest assured that NiceVision is working even when you’re not.

Many have already reaped the measurable benefits:

  • Cost savings – the South African railway company, Transnet, reported that Qognify’s IP Video Surveillance has reduced their security costs by 30%.​
  • Reducing criminal activities – Belgium’s SNCB reported a 22% drop in vandalism within months of deployment
  • Improved operations – Ronald Reagan National Airport successfully disputed a $1M claim using Qognify’s video playback​

It’s not just physical security we provide, but an overall sense of security.

“More people have admitted to their involvement in illegal activities. NiceVision has really helped the overall security of the campus.”

Brent Howell, Investigator, Baylor University Police ​Department​

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