Video Analytics

Video Analytics

What is video analytics?

Video Analytics or Video Content Analytics is computerized video footage analysis that uses algorithms to differentiate between object types and identify certain behavior or action in real time, providing alerts and insights to users.

what is video analytics

Smart, effective surveillance

When it comes to video analytics (or video content analysis), experience is the real differentiator. Video analytics require field-proven, expert deployment. Only then will your expectations match the results the technology can provide. Using this approach, we are able to commit to the results you’ll achieve from our state-of-the-art video analytics solutions. Qognify’s video analytics solutions are part of its video management solution, the leading IP video surveillance software, and support both analog and IP cameras.

Object Origin

By accurately distinguishing potential threats from false alarms, Object Origin can prevent prohibitively expensive evacuations, business continuity disruptions, and facility shutdowns. It also significantly reduces the amount of time needed to identify the first time an object appears or was abandoned by its owner – a task previously conducted manually by a human operator.

Detecting Abandoned Objects has not only security implications but major business implication. An airport, railway station or even a casino closed down due to an abandoned object are in the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in that down time. Object Origin could save organizations that costly time and reduce it to minutes.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Your perimeter is often the first line of defense in keeping intruders out. In environments such as airports, seaports and railways – where the perimeter can extend for miles – it can be a security weak point. Qognify PIDS works with or without a physical fence, and can also be a part of a smart fence configuration. With this system, you’ll be alerted to intrusions anywhere along your perimeter in real time, allowing you to apprehend intruders and mitigate risk.

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Crowd management and people count

Some of the world’s busiest mass transit hubs use Qognify video analytics to ensure security, safety and a positive customer experience. Using our crowd management and people count video analytics applications you’ll be able to achieve a measurable accuracy rate of over 90%.

Counter-Flow Detection

Walking against the flow in certain locations, such as airport security checkpoints and gates, can be a sign of something much bigger. It can potentially result in terminal shutdowns, along with significant financial and security implications. Qognify’s Counter-Flow Detection alerts operators to individuals breaking airport and security regulations by walking in an unauthorized direction.

Suspect Search

Qognify’s Suspect Search software helps you locate and track specific people in near real time, online or offline, dramatically expediting forensic video searches. When looking for someone – either because they are in danger or causing it – time is always of the essence. Reduce the time it takes you to find and track an individual from hours or days to seconds and minutes.

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“NICE’s solution allows us to minimize our reaction time to every incident in the system… When we use NICE Video Analytics to monitor queues, we minimize our response times and are less dependent on the human factor”

Dmitriy Lubezniv, Head of Integrated Control Center, Aeroexpress

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